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Spa Fit Outs, Spa Fit Out Company

Why choose our company to carry out your Spa fit out?

This is simple because we offer the best service, with a specially dedicated team of specialist professionals, our firm recognized the demand for a truly unique service dedicated to catering to all of our valued customers needs in carrying out the fitting out of their spa projects. Ensuring every aspect of the fitting out of their spa is carried out by a team who pays meticulous attention to detail and who’s reliability and efficiency cannot be matched by any of our competitors in this market.

Simply because we have recognized the need to show our spa fit out customers how important they are by assigning a project manager to supervise and manage their desired spa fit out. With all of the services we offer in our spa fit outs service only employing all the relevant fully qualified and trained professionals. Our team of fully trained technicians will carry out the fitting out of your spa using the most efficiently reliable approach to all aspects of your spa fit outs.

With our uniquely tailor made spa fit outs service we endeavour to ensure all of our customer’s total satisfaction throughout the entire fitting out of their spa. This we do through our dedicated project manager, making him the point of contact throughout the whole spa fitting out service. Ensuring our clients have the total peace of mind they can discuss their project with their dedicated project manager throughout the entire process, being given as much or as little feedback on the progress of the project as our valued customers desire.

What is a spa fit out?

This refers to the external structure of a building being erected, but the interior of the spa building needs to be fitted out according to the spa owners vision. So our dedicated team of professionals who attend to our specialized spa fit outs service would carry out the necessary works to ensure the electrics, plumbing, woodwork, walls, floors, swimming pool construction, sourcing of fixtures, fittings and furniture and even interior design is carried out to perfection under the vigilant eye of our designated project manager, who would report back to our clients as regularly as mutually agreed upon. So from the empty shell the fitting out of your spa couldn’t be made easier with just using our dedicated spa fit outs service with our seriously dedicated team of technicians

The process couldn’t be simpler, contact us today to book in an appointment for a free consultation with our assessor who will assess the fitting out of your spa.
The process in detail:

1. Step 1 Contact us, to book in an appointment with our spa fit outs service assessor – By booking an appointment with our specialist assessor, who will come to our potential clients desired spa location, discuss in detail with our prospective client their exact vision for their spa fit out. Understanding, exactly what the fitting out of their spa would entail, suggesting the best use of their internal space, advising on the latest in modern spa innovations, providing a rough estimate of costs and time scales for the completion of their specific ideas for their spa.

2. Step 2 Optional in house Interior designer – This service is an optional additional service where our in house interior designer alongside the spa project manager would advise on the most productive themes available for the fitting out of our clients spa, taking into account our clients vision. Our in house interior designer, providing ideas for fixtures and fittings and furnishing to fit out the spa with, to make it stand out from all the other spas making our customers spa as unique as possible.

3. Step 3 Additional Sourcing specialist service – This is another optional additional service we offer in our spa fit out service, where we have a sub team set up to source all the relevant fixtures, fittings and furnishings for the fitting out of our customer’s spa, ensuring our customer has the least amount of stress throughout the fit out of their spa.

4. Step 4 Full estimate provided with breakdown of materials and labour costs – Once our customer has decided on the exact spa fit out they require and the additional services, then our assessor would provide a quotation for our firm fitting out your spa with a complete breakdown on costs for the labour and materials.

5. Step 5 Each of our professionals are fully trained and qualified technicians in the following fields, would carry out the following in fitting out of our client’s spa

Interior designers – Our fully qualified in house interior designers, would advise our potential client in this optional additional service with different themes that can be used to create the right atmosphere for our client’s vision of their perfect spa.

Electrician – undertaking the internal wiring of the entire spa, with full attention to detail for all the required lighting as well.

Plumber – Our highly trained plumbers carrying out all of the necessary fittings of sanitary ware and the drainage and all the relevant plumbing requirements.

Joiner- Our well sort after joiners, ensuring all the internal woodwork, of the spa is carried out to meet all of our esteemed customers’ requirements for each end use of each area of the spa.

Flooring specialist- Our unique flooring specialists advising on the best types of flooring to each area of the spa.

Swimming pool and sauna specialist – the swimming pool and sauna specialists providing the latest in modern innovation to make our customers spa enviable by all their competition.

Plasterers – Our dedicated plasterers ensuring all the latest techniques for wall surfacing have been discussed with our prospective client, through our dedicated project manager.

Painters and Decorators – Our professional painters and decorators, providing the best service in ensuring our customers spa looks exactly as our esteemed customer had envisioned.

Sourcing specialists – This sub team would ensure that the fixtures, fittings and furnishings all to be sourced with the quality according to our customers’ requirements. This is an another additional optional service that is intended to minimize our customers stress and tension.

6. Step 5 –spa fit outs service – completed as per the design brief set by our customer, managed and supervised by our designated project manager.

Benefits of using our dedicated service:

With having a project manager dedicated to ensuring the budgets set by you, our esteemed customer are adhered too, throughout the entire spa project and being the point of contact to our customer, ensuring they have minimal stress throughout the entire process. Furthermore, our designated project manager making sure that the timescales agreed for completion of our customer’s spa are met

Our firm and our dedicated spa fit outs service, takes great pride to ensure our customers have the latest in modern innovation, enabling us to provide our clients with the best chance of making their spa a success. We ensure we go that extra mile to make our customers spa reach the heights it can with our designated team of professionals providing the best service in fitting out our customer’s spa as humanly possible.

Its this work ethic of efficiency and reliability that sets our firm far above all of our competitors, making our service unmatched by all.

Contact us today to book in time with our dedicated team of spa fit out professionals who are determined to ensure the fitting out of your spa will take place with as little disturbance to you our esteemed customer. So make sure you get in touch as soon as possible to book in time with our specialist spa assessor who will provide you with a free consultation, to get your spa fitted out by one of the best companies in the United Kingdom right now.

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