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Restaurant Fit Outs, Restaurant Fit Out Company

Why choose our Restaurant fit out service?

When your considering a restaurant fit out, we are the only option to you that will seriously impress you. Our firm recognized the necessity to create a specialized team of professionals who are dedicated to solely carrying out restaurant fit outs, offering a uniquely customer orientated service that will ensure that all of our customers will be given that much needed dedicated one on one service necessary to carry out the fitting out of our client’s restaurants.

Our competitors cannot even compete with our uniquely tailored service that is dedicated to carry out all aspects of our customer’s restaurant fit outs under one roof, making out firm the one stop shop for all of our customer’s restaurants fitting out needs. Before deciding on which firm to choose for the fitting out of your restaurant its vitally important to fully understand what a restaurant fit out entails.

What is a restaurant fit out?

Fitting out your restaurants interior is when the empty structure of your restaurant is then contracted to our company by you, our valued customer to develop the interior restaurant ensuring all of the necessary work is done to make the restaurant ready for business. With only the walls in place and the external structure of your restaurant, our team of specialist restaurant fit outs professionals would then in short follow this program: you would firstly book an appointment with our specialist assessor who will assess the potential of your restaurant fit out, assign our in house interior designer to advise you on themes, if necessary, assign the relevant tasks to our in house team of fully trained and qualified expert professional, electricians, plumbers, joiners, plasterers, flooring specialists, painters and decorators, in the meantime another optional service we offer is the sourcing of all fixtures and fittings and furniture, finally complete the fitting out of your restaurant ready to open for business as normal as soon as possible.

Restaurant fit outs stages

With our team of expertly qualified trained professionals we have established a concise procedure to be able to carry out the fitting out of your restaurant which maximizes the efficiency in completing the fitting out of your restaurant using our uniquely tailored restaurant fit outs service.

1. Step 1 – Fill in the contact box to book in an appointment with our specialist Assessor, who will come to your restaurant shell and assess the necessary work that needs to be undertaken to be able to recreate your vision for your restaurant, taking down as much detail in your free in depth consultation, that will provide an estimate of both a breakdown of costings as well as an estimated timescale on completion for your desired restaurant fit out. Our specialist assessor, will take the time to fully understand the vision you, our potential customer, has for your restaurant. While at the same time providing suggestions on how to best utilize the internal space available for your restaurant interior. Also advising on the latest in modern innovations available to make your restaurant uniquely different from all of your competition. The specialist assessor will firstly provide a rough estimate on using our restaurant fit outs service and would then provide a more detailed breakdown of costs depending on detailed brief set by you, our valued potential client along with an accurate time scale for completion of this restaurant project, including the cost of materials and labour. Furthermore, our specialist assessor would then become your point of contact as your project manager in the fitting out of your restaurant. Ensuring you were provided with as many detailed updates on progress as you, our valued customer deems suitable and necessary.

2. Step 2 – This stage is optional booking an appointment with our in house interior designer who will suggest the best options in themes that will suit your restaurants persona. Our fully qualified in house interior designer would then go through in detail with you, our potential customer, about the exact theme and atmosphere you want for your restaurant. Having understood your exact vision for the fitting out of your restaurant our in house designer, would indicate the best solutions available in interiors for your fixtures, fittings and even furnishings to best bring out the theme of your desired restaurant finish. Giving advice on the latest themes and innovations to ensure your restaurant is completely up to date on all the latest in innovations in the restaurant area as possible, advising on the best choices of theme, from plush glamorous with rich fabrics and bold colours to retro themes, that would incorporate more subdued tones and even seriously luxurious as a concept, with softer and more subtle tones and fabrics. All available within the service we offer.

3. Step 3 – Our team of professionals all being fully trained and qualified in all areas from electricians carry out the internal wiring of your desired fit out, who will fully understand your lighting requirements to offer you the best solutions in terms of fitting out the vision for your restaurant exactly as you, our valued customer had decided. Then our plumbing engineers advising on the best solution to all of your plumbing and drainage needs, Even our joiners advising on the best solution to your wood work needs to best fit out your restaurant. Our plasterers making sure all your walls are finished with the exact textures you require after which our painters and decorators providing all the finishing touches to make sure that your restaurant looks exactly as you our valued client had envisioned. With even flooring specialists ensuring all your desired flooring needs were catered for. The most important factor to remember here is our specialist assessor now your project manager would be monitoring all of these professionals to ensure they recreated the restaurant fit out that had been contracted.

4. Step 4 – Our specialist Sourcing team. This is another optional service that is available that will ease the pressure and strain on our potential clients, where we have sub team set up to in fact source all the relevant fixtures, fittings and furniture necessary to fit out your restaurant to the exact standard indicated in the detailed restaurant fit outs brief discussed with our specialist assessor.

5. Step 5 – The fitting out of your restaurant completed, making your restaurant ready to open for business.

The benefit of choosing our firm to carry out the fitting out of your restaurant is simply that we offer all our services under one roof, making our firm the one stop shop for all your restaurant fitting out needs. Along with our dedicated service available due to our company recognizing the need to develop a specific department dedicated to restaurant fit outs and providing a project manager to ensure you our client as one point of contact to ensure you have the peace of mind during the fitting out of your restaurant so you can make sure you can concentrate on the more important aspects of setting up your restaurant.

All that you need to do to book in an appointment for a free consultation with our specialist assessor for fitting out of your restaurants today to be able to get the process started in ensuring you employ the best company to carry out your restaurant fit out today!!!!

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