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Refurbishment Company & Renovation Company – Free Quote & Consultation

Our firm has recognized the demand of all of our customers who require refurbishment contactors and decide to create a division specifically to deal with all of our refurbishment contracted projects. The simple change in our company structure ensured we offer the best level of customer orientated service as possible in terms of ensuring we become the best refurbishment company in today’s market place.

In doing this we have managed to make sure our specialized refurbishment service far exceeds any other of the many refurbishment companies across the United Kingdom today! While we have created this specially designated division to our refurbishments company specializing in catering for all of our valued client’s refurbishment requirements we also recognized the need to create another division in our company that works independently as well as alongside when the need arose to our refurbishment company and caters for our other high demand service in the area of renovations. Making this renovations division a distinctly separate entity to our refurbishment division, whilst at the same time being brought together depending on the instructed projects requirements.

Further, making our firm the renovations company that offers the same unique quality of service to all of our customers, maintain our impressive company brand and reputation. Our renovations company and refurbishment company both operate under the same company philosophy of making sure we enlist the best renovation contractors and refurbishment contractors to carry out all of our renovation and refurbishment projects respectively.

Making our renovation company the most envied by all of our renovation companies competition in the marketplace. Together both of the refurbishment and renovation divisions in our firm although specifically formed to ensure we offer that vital targeted service to our distinct customers’ requirements for their commercial space needs.

So while all of our refurbishment contractors are specially selected due to their exceptionally high levels of skills in their designated areas of expertise. As well as being highly trained and fully qualified in their designated areas to carry out their specific tasks within any of the refurbishment projects we assign our refurbishment contractors too, we expect them to reflect our company’s reputation in producing the most excellent level of service for our contracted clients.

Whilst most refurbishment companies offer a good service, ours prides itself on ensuring we provide not only the best refurbishment service but we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations and ensure our customer orientated service is outstanding in terms of excellence, efficiency and reliability, while offering the most impressive type of customer orientated service available.

At the same time our renovations company also ensures we employ the best renovations contractors in the marketplace, to ensure we can offer the highest level of service to all of our renovation customers. Again ensuring that all of our renovation contractors are fully trained and qualified.

Whichever service you require our firm is more than equipped to handle any renovation or refurbishment project no matter how demanding it is. We can simply offer these services because we have ensured we create specific departments to handle each division with the precise precision, efficiency and reliability that our renowned reputation across the entire United Kingdom has maintained since we established our presence in the respective refurbishment and renovations marketplaces.

So book in time with our specialist assessor today for your refurbishment or your renovation free consultation TODAY!
However, before you book in time with our specialist assessor its important to understand what a refurbishment or renovation in regard to your current commercial space.

Refurbishment – is the refreshing, renewing of the commercial space that is contracted to refurbish, ensuring the aesthetics within the space have been replaced with new furnishings and fittings to breathe that much needed a new lease of life into the existing commercial space.

Renovation – is a more dramatic change to the existing commercial space, from removing walls to building completely new areas to the existing commercial space. To ensure your commercial space can accommodate that much needed extra functional space.

Due to the nature of both refurbishment and renovations projects, although in essence the same in changing commercial space, the level of our service differs greatly. With our firm recognising the need to create this specialized service to all of our customers, ensuring our customers receive that essential personal touch both our services offer.

In creating these divisions, we are now able to offer that uniquely tailored renovations service and refurbishment service with our teams of trained and qualified professionals dedicated to both allowing, both to act independently of each other and together if need be, depending on the level of service required by our valued clients to complete their projects for their commercial space.

With both services being divided up into separate divisions within our company after meeting with our specialist assessor who will assess your commercial space requirements in your free consultation they will direct you towards the right level of service to suit your specific needs.

How our process works:

1. Register on our site to book in your free consultation with our specially qualified specialist assessor, who engage in a detailed discuss with you, our valued potential client, to understand your specific requirements whether it is a refurbishment project or a renovation project that is required. After understanding exactly your vision of the necessary adjustments to your commercial space, our assessor will be able to advise on the best way for you, our valued potential customer, will best meet your requirements with the minimal amount of stress and disruption.

Advising you in detail about the numerous add on services we offer from in house interior designers, to add on furniture assembly additional service and even fixtures and furnishings sourcing service. For the changes you described as your requirement our assessor can provide a rough estimate for the cost and the time scales involved in completing your contracted project.

2. Our assessor, comes back to you our potential client with a detailed breakdown of costs and a more accurate date for completion.

3. A meeting with our in house interior designer (optional) would be beneficial to ensure the right theme of your commercial refurbishment or commercial renovation is achieved after having a detailed discussion, outlining your expectations and your exact vision for the changes to your commercial space.

4. Once you our client decide to contract the best company to carry out your respective refurbishment or renovation project our team of highly trained and qualified professionals will ensure they work tirelessly to complete the project as instructed by yourself. We appoint a specialized project manager to be your essential one point of contact throughout your project. Your project manager will manage, supervise, oversee and report progress updates to you, our valued client directly, as often as you deem necessary. Taking all of the stress and tension out of the project making sure your experience is as hassle free as possible.

5. Our team of highly skilled and trained professionals will undergo completing their respective assigned tasks for your project as follows:

Electrical engineers- highly trained and fully qualified carry out all rewiring, lighting fixture fittings installations under the direction of the project manager.

Plumbing technicians – fully trained and qualified to install all sanitary units and ensure all your water supply requirements are met.

Heating and cooling engineers – again fully trained and qualified to install or replace heating and cooling systems.

Construction professional – to build new wall and commercial space.

Flooring experts – fully trained and qualified to fit flooring from carpet to ceramic tiles to even wooden flooring, whatever your flooring requirements.

Plasterers and decorators – under the strict guidance of our in house interior designer if needed, recreating the theme decided upon in regards the colorways and textures in creating the atmosphere as envisioned by our valued customer.

6. With the commissioned project now completed with our hassle free service.
All that remains now is to start the process by booking in time today with our specialist assessor for your free consultation.

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