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We are the number one office refurbishment company in the market place. This is why we are number one:
We offer the most efficient office refurbishment services throughout the whole of United Kingdom.

Each member of our trusted team of office refurbishment professionals has been specially selected due to them being highly skilled, trained and qualified in their specific areas of expertise

We ensure each of our office refurbishments projects has a designated specialized project manager assigned to oversee, supervise and offer that essential one point of contact to all of our valued customers reporting back the progress of the contracted office refurbishment project

Our free consultation allows our office refurbishments assessor to fully understand our valued client’s expectations and even offer helpful office refurbishment solutions to best maximize the refurbishment of your offices.

Our office refurbishment company recognized the need to ensure we offer the best level of customer orientated service to our valued customers by setting up a specially dedicated office refurbishment service where we hand-picked each of our team of office refurbishment professionals in order to be able to offer the most excellent level in customer care to all of our customers.

Each member of our office refurbishment services from our electrical engineers to our heating and cooling specialists to our in house interior design experts share our office refurbishment companies work ethic in ensuring we provide the most efficient, reliable, excellent standard of service to each of our clients

Our office refurbishment companies’ professionals, endeavor to work tirelessly to ensure that your chosen office refurbishments project is reproduced exactly as you, our esteemed customer described and instructed in your assessment with our office refurbishment companies’ specialist assessor.

Here are just a few reasons to book in time today for your free office refurbishments consultation with our specialist assessor.

With our office refurbishment service being in such high demand, its best to ensure you book in time as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

What does “office refurbishments” mean?

Refurbishment of offices is when an office spaces internal décor is refreshed, renewed and even a complete overhaul of the internal office space is done, to perhaps accommodate more functional office space in your commercial office space, without having to consider the expense or stress of moving to bigger premises.

This is why our team of professionals in our office refurbishment services have been chosen due to their due diligence in carrying out their assigned tasks and tremendous attention to detail, reliability and efficiency.

Making our office refurbishment company the most envied amongst all of our competitors, due to our specially selected team of professional’s extensive abilities in creating the best quality in refurbishment of offices in the market place today!

How our process works:

1. You, our valued potential customer, must log your details into our site, to book in time with our specialist assessor for your free consultation.

2. Our specialist assessor, visits you, our potential customer at your desired office where the refurbishment is to take place. At this location, you our potential customer will engage with our specialist assessor in a detailed description regarding the refurbishment of your current office space. Understanding your exact expectations for your refurbishment project, providing helpful suggestions in regards to how best to maximize your current commercial office space. Explaining in detail the different levels of service we offer after understanding your exact requirements in regards to refurbishing your commercial office space, from refresh, renew to complete over haul to brand new. The advice our specialist assessor provides is dependent solely on how much information you, our potential customer provides them in your free consultation. Our specialist assessor, would at this point provide rough estimates on costs and time scales for completion.

3. Our assessor would come back to you with a complete breakdown of costs for the specific level of our specialized office refurbishment service you required and accurate time scales for completion.

4. Once you, our potential customer contracts our specialized office refurbishment service to carry out the refurbishment of your current commercial office space, we appoint our specialist project manager to oversee the refurbishment of your office project, ensuring you our valued customer, has that essential one point of contact to provide you with regular updates regarding the progress of your contracted project. Endeavoring to provide that much needed peace of mind, making our firm the most outstanding hassle free option in regards to office refurbishment companies in the market place today! You our potential client, are in control on deciding how often you require updates on progress etc.

5. If appropriate, you, our client, meet with our in house interior designer, to get that much needed professional eye in regards to aesthetics as well as the textures and upholstery options available to refurbish your current office space. This is an optional add on service, to provide that necessary professional touch in ensuring the refurbishing of your office space is done with that extra level of expertise only our in house interior designer could offer. Providing the latest in innovations to encourage motivation in employees by creating the right environment for your employees to achieve their full potential. To reproducing the necessary ambience to ensure your office instills the right level of confidence in all of your customers.

6. Our team of specialist professionals accompanied by our project manager start to work on their assigned tasks in regards to the refurbishment of your commercial office space:

Electrical contractors- fully qualified and trained contractors will update and renew all of your lighting needs provide additional power supply to relevant areas of your current office space, rewire as well as fit your new light fittings in accordance with your chosen theme for the refurbishing of your office space. Ensuring the refurbishment of your office space is completely up to date with all of the latest in modern office innovations.

Plumbing technicians – fully trained and qualified to handle updating and installing all of your sanitary fittings and adding any addition water supply related options.

Heating and cooling contractors – all fully skilled and qualified to update service and replace any of your heating or cooling systems already present in your current office space. Making the cooling and heating systems up to date in accordance with the refurbishment of your office space. Offering the latest in modern innovations to make your office run more efficiently.

Joiner – Fully trained and qualified joiners ensuring that any addition space needed in the refurbishment of your office space is added maximizing your office space to reach its full potential. As well as creating false walls if need be and updating and ensuring that the woodwork, cornering, doors and cabinets all coincide with your chosen theme.

Plasters and decorators- All fully trained and qualified as directed by our in house interior designer, reproduce the colorways that complement your offices new themes. Also reproducing the appropriate textures for the walls.

Flooring specialists – Our fully trained flooring specialists would supply and fit the necessary flooring from carpet tiles to ceramic flooring and even wood effect flooring. All dependent on the theme decided on by you our much valued customer.

Furniture assembly – another additional option offered by our firm to ensure we offer the complete hassle free service.

7. Once all of the tasks have been completed by our specialist team of professionals, you our valued client would have all of your expectations not just met but in fact exceeded.

Now all that’s left to do is to book in time with our specialist assessor for your free consultation to avoid disappointment and ensure you contract the best office refurbishment company in the United Kingdom to carry out the refurbishing of your office space.

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