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Looking for an Office Fit out?

Before considering, which company to use to fit out your commercial office space. It is our prerogative to educate you on what our firms specialized office fit outs team of professionals does in our specialized office fit out service. and how we carry out our much sort after office fit outs.

Firstly, it’s important to define the term office fit out, so you know exactly what you are getting from our dedicated team of office fit outs professionals determined to reproduce your desired office fit out to the exact level you our esteemed customer has defined in your meeting with our specialist assessor in your free office fit out consultation!

What is an office fit out?

An office fit out, is the process by which we take the empty shell of your commercial office space that is already built, with all the external and internal walls in place with just the water and electricity supplied to your commercial office space however, not connected in the manner required by you our end user. Our office fit out team of professional’s job is to transform your commercial office space into a functional office ready for you to conduct your business.

Making your commercial office space fully functional ready for occupancy. Ensuring all the basic necessities are met for heating, cooling, lighting, plumbing, joinery, flooring and plastering. Whilst at the same time our specialist in house interior designers providing that little bit extra in terms of aesthetic appeal with your desired look for your office fitting all of which is discussed in detail with you our valued customer in your free consultation. The service we offer that makes our office fitting service far superior to our competition is simply the excellent level of professionalism and tireless commitment we provide each of our clients, giving our clients that much needed peace of mind that their office fit out is being carried out by the professionals.

Further, providing that essential varied office fitting service, where we offer each specialized area to the fitting out of your office space under one roof. Making our firm, the one stop shop for the fitting out of your commercial office space. On top of which ensuring you, our valued client, is in control and able to get as many updates on progress as you deem necessary.

Our specialist team of professionals are designated to our specialized office fit out service having decades’ worth of experience in the fitting out of offices. Our highly skilled trained workforce will focus tirelessly on your office fit out requirements, being supervised throughout the process by a designated project manager, that reports back to you our clients as much or as little as you our valued customer requires.

Our services incorporate the following:

With the shell of offices already built, our office fitting service then concentrates its efforts on:

  • The electrical system
  • The plumbing system
  • Heating Engineering
  • Cooling Engineering
  • Joinery
  • Interior design
  • Décor
  • Plastering
  • Flooring
  • Even furniture assembly

Our office fitting service is so detailed orientated, efficient and in depth, with all of our technicians paying vigilant attention to detail in creating the perfect office fit out to match your detailed office fit out brief set in your free consultation with our specialist assessor.

Each aspect of your proposed office fit out would be carried out to an extremely high standard in keeping with our reputation in regards to our renowned name throughout the United Kingdom in terms of our exclusive office fit out service. Our office fit outs service will take a building from all brickwork built along with floorboards on display, basically the internal shell completely built up to completed premises with full preparations completely ready for business personnel occupation, ready for your business office Space to start trading.

The reason to choose our firm for your office fit out is very simple, we offer a uniquely exclusive office fitting service that is far superior to all of our competition in the office fit out market. Our team of experienced office fit out professionals, prides themselves on their dedicated work ethic, reliability of service and high levels of efficiency.

The only thing left to do is get in contact with us today for an exclusive consultation with our specialist office fitting assessor who will provide you, our potential client, with an initial estimate of costs for your proposed office fit out, and then come back to you with accurate materials costings including timescales for completion of your desired your office fit out.

With our office fit out professionals having combined decades’ worth of office fit outs experience giving our firm the professional superiority in the office fit out market place with our office fit out competitor firms. Our team of professional’s efficiency and reliability is unmatched making our office fittings the only real choice when it comes to you, our potential customer choosing a firm to carry out your proposed project.

With our free consultation that will provide you our valued potential customer, the much needed detailed breakdown into how much your proposed office fit out will cost, giving you accurate estimates on time scales for completing your office fit.

Our office fit out specialist assessor will provide viable office solutions to maximize your office space capacity, giving helpful information on the most cost effective way to carry out your proposed ideas. Our office fitting service with our team of office fit out professionals will further, endeavour to reproduce the exact specifications described by yourselves.

Breakdown of our office fit outs service process:

1. Contact us today to book in time with our specialist assessor, who will come to your commercial office space to provide an estimated cost for the level of service you our potential customer requires, along with expected timescales for completion.

2. Our specialist assessor provides detailed breakdown of costs depending on which level of service you opt for.

3. Our firm is contracted to carry out the fitting out of your commercial office space.

4. Meeting with our specialist interior designer to discuss the exact visual aesthetic appeal of your chosen office space design, where they provide different themes and styles available, Highlighting the latest in modern office innovations, endeavouring to ensure, your office space maximises its potential visually, aesthetically and practically.

5. Our team of specialist experienced professional’s embarks on their designated tasks with the efficiency and reliability that represents our company ethos.

Electrical technicians – ensures all the wiring and lighting for your office space is carried out to the standard you require

Plumbing technicians – provides all the necessary sanitary units are fitted and all the water supply connected as required.

Heating Engineers- would provide and fit all the relevant heating solutions appropriate for your office

Cooling Engineers – Supplying and fitting the necessary air conditioning units

Joiners – ensuring all the woodwork, surfaces, cornicing, cabinets are made to the exact specifications provided.
Interior Designer (Optional add on service) – providing that essential aesthetic appeal to your office space from furnishings to paintings.

Décor, plastering – These technicians will ensure all the walls in your office space have the exact colour combinations and finishes you have deemed appropriate to your office space.
Flooring engineers – provide and fit the appropriate flooring from modern tiles to practical carpeting or even wood flooring.

Furniture assembly (Optional add on service)

6. Completed fitting out of commercial office space
The process is relatively simple, so just contact us today to get your free consultation to ensure the fitting out of your commercial office space is carried out by the best professionals in the market place.

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