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Mezzanine Floors, Mezzanine Flooring Systems Builders

Mezzanine floors are the latest way to create that much needed extra space within your commercial space. With this knowledge in place we can and do boast of our tremendous skills and performance in our building of these mezzanine floors, using our extensively skilful and exceptionally trained team of professional mezzanine builders and mezzanine contractor.

With our company specifically employing a policy of only employing the best professionals in this specialized area of mezzanine flooring technology, making our firm the most exclusive and the most sort after company in the market place today in terms of our specialization in mezzanine flooring technology. Before highlighting the importance of choosing our firm to construct the mezzanine floor in your commercial space, its important to understand exactly what mezzanine floors are?

What is a mezzanine floor defined?

A mezzanine is an intermediate floor introduced into a commercial space its similar to a balcony, in a building whose ceiling space is high enough to accommodate an additional floor. From a commercial perspective it is the most cost efficient way to maximize any commercial space as long as the ceiling height is high enough to allow for this extra mezzanine floor.

Benefits of Mezzanine flooring systems

There are a number of benefits to a commercial organisation for choosing our firm as your mezzanine floor contractor

Increase the storage space with your commercial space – by simply adding in this extra floor within your commercial space, it is possible to double the already present floor space for the necessary end use within an already present commercial space, as long as the ceiling height will allow.

It is a relatively inexpensive way to create that much needed additional space within the commercial space, by simply building a new floor within the already constructed and actively used commercial space.

The constructions of mezzanine levels are relatively fast and unobtrusive so can be completed with minimal disruption to the already operational commercial space, within a very short time frame.

No planning permission required, as its already inside the commercial space however building regulations would need to be assessed by our mezzanine floor contractors

Avoids costly relocation costs by maximizing the current commercial space using our team of specialist mezzanine builder professionals.

Using our mezzanine floor contractor the mezzanine level installed can be demountable and reassembled in another location when needed.

Different types of mezzanine floors

The different types of mezzanine floor is in terms of the different materials they are made out of to create another level in the commercial space:

1. Structural steel mezzanine- is when the mezzanine level is constructed out of steel elements where all the such as the columns which would hold up the additional floor and the hand rails, stairs and the joists would all be made from steel, where the additional flooring within the mezzanine would in fact be ply wood or concrete along with a whole host of other possible options available.

The benefits of this type of mezzanine flooring systems is the structural steel mezzanine has the capacity for more distance between column placing allowing at the same time for electrical pipework and power supplies along with all necessary water supply pipework to run through the open bar joists. Further, allowing the commercial space to feel more open through the illusion of a much clearer height allowance. Structural I beams are also possible to use to reduce the deck appearance of the mezzanine.

The disadvantages of this type of steel mezzanine– depending on the end use of the mezzanine within the commercial space the feel of structural steel finishes are rougher than other. The other disadvantage is when using steel as the core element to construct the mezzanine level, the weight of the steel would have an impact on what can be stored or how the floor can be used in terms of end usages.

This is why it is imperative to meet with our specialist mezzanine assessor, who will advise you based on your requirements of additional commercial space, which is the best option in terms of the end use of your mezzanine flooring needs.

2. Aluminium mezzanine – Incorporates tubular aluminium columns I beams or C – Channel with Aluminium stairwells and hand rails using again a variety of different materials dictated by the end use of the mezzanine level from aluminium plank grating to fibre glass bar grating

Benefits of Aluminium mezzanine is that Aluminium does not rust so can be washed or cleaned without any issues. Another benefit is that Aluminium frame work is much lighter than steel as a raw material.

Disadvantage of aluminium mezzanines is aluminium as a metal is not as strong as steel so depending on the end use cannot hold as much weight as a steel mezzanine would be able too.

3. Structural fibreglass mezzanines – the primary material used throughout this type of mezzanine is fibreglass used in the I beam columns, hand rails, and stair wells the decking would also be fibreglass bar grating.

Benefits of fibreglass mezzanine is the fact that that fibreglass as the core material does not rust or contaminate and can be washed and immersed in water easily for cleaning purposes. The structural fibreglass wont actually detach itself as its moulded into the fibreglass. The fibreglass is also comparatively a cheaper raw material compared the steel.

Disadvantages of the fibreglass mezzanine is when its compared to the steel systems the fibreglass system will not possess the same level of core strength as the steel systems

Why we are the best company to carry out your mezzanine floor construction?

Our company has specialised in Mezzanine floor construction and boasts of decades’ worth of combined experience within this area of expertise.

With having established our place firmly in the marketplace of mezzanine floor construction due to our team of highly skilled and fully qualified team of mezzanine floor builder and mezzanine floor contractor professionals we have head hunted the best professionals within each area of mezzanine floor construction allowing for all of our mezzanine floor builders and mezzanine floor contractors to produce the best type of mezzanine to suit our valued customer’s requirements for their desired end use.

Our team of professional’s endeavour to ensure that the process involved in constructing our clients mezzanines causes as minimal disruption to our clients by ensuring the mezzanine is completed efficiently and quickly, so as to enable our clients the opportunity to start using this additional space as soon as possible, for which ever end use of their commercial space from retail, to office, to industrial.

The process is relatively simple and only requires you, our potential client to book in time for a free consultation with our specialist mezzanine assessor today!!!

The Process:

The mezzanine assessor – once the appointment is booked for our free consultation, our specialist mezzanine assessor, would meet you, our potential client, at the mezzanine floor construction location. To understand through a detailed discussion with you, our potential customer, what your required end use for this additional commercial floor space.

Our assessor will ensure they advise you, our potential customer on exactly what requirements are required from all governmental standards to be met once the end use is identified from retail mezzanine, office mezzanine or industrial mezzanine will explain the benefits of each material we offer in mezzanine flooring systems from fibreglass, steel and aluminium and quote depending on the best mezzanine solution to suit your specific needs and end use requirements.

Once you contract our specialist team of mezzanine floor contractors and mezzanine floor builders, our team ensure the complete your requirements managed and supervised by our specialist mezzanine project manager will endeavour to manage supervise and report back progress of your mezzanine project direct back to you, our client as often as you deem necessary.

Whilst ensuring each stage of constructing your mezzanine is carried out with the level of professionalism our firm has built its reputation on over the many years we have carried these type of commercial mezzanine projects.

Mezzanine flooring completed ready for use…

Book in time today with our specialist mezzanine assessor to get the free consultation you are entitled too from the best mezzanine construction company in the market place today!

Retail mezzanine floors would require a different mezzanine floor construction which would be related to the end use for this extra commercial retail floor space that would be required. The type of mezzanine floor would most likely be a combination of light weight construction with strong mezzanine materials used for the columns, stairwells and decking.

This additional mezzanine floor can be used as additional sales floor area, allowing for doubling the already existing retail commercial floor space to allow for more products to be displayed to customers, or creating a space in the additional space for a much needed fitting room or if an additional office space is required within the already present retail commercial space.

Or if the retail mezzanine floors is simply required for that essential retail storage of product lines, allowing retailers to cut down the costs of external storage warehouses and allowing the retailer to maintain all storage internally making restocking shelves all the more efficient and convenient to the retailer and the retail staff. This essential additional storage space would allow for a more efficiently run commercial retail out let where the retail customer’s needs are met while the customers are present in the retail outlet.

Making a retail mezzanine floor the cheapest, most efficient and flexible option available to our potential retail commercial customers who require that essential additional space but do not want to apply for planning permissions to be able to attain that much needed extra retail commercial space.

Within commercial space there is the opportunity where the height of the commercial space is high enough to add in an addition mezzanine level which is utilizing a proportion of the current commercial floor space raised above the rest of the commercial floor space.

Making it quite ideal to have an Office mezzanine floor installed to be able to carry out any office activities within the commercial space, allowing the commercial office space to be maximized to incorporate another essential level to the current office organisation.

Without incurring excessive relocation costs for moving to new office locations, that would be large enough to handle the extra capacity that would be required to make the office mezzanine floors the only really option available to the commercial office space business owner.

Office mezzanine floors are becoming more sort after, as it gives that much needed flexibility to the current office space improving the efficiency without displacing the office environment or the current office staff.

If the need is for a much larger office staff to be employed, then adding in another office floor into the current office environment is the most cost effective, productive and efficient option available to the potential commercial office space customer.

Office mezzanine flooring systems: enables companies’ making use of office space a means to maximise the operational space of their office to maximise efficiency of their existing work-spaces

Industrial mezzanine floors are most often used for that essential additional storage space within the commercial industrial space, however, it is often also used to create that much needed office cabin environment, where the office staff are still able to be present in the commercial industrial space without taking up additional floor space which could be used for storage or machinery, with a fully functional office space inside the commercial industrial space.

Industrial mezzanines floors are massively useful to the commercial industrial space, where the ceiling height of the commercial space will allow for that essential extra additional space can be utilized for whatever end use you need without relocating the current industrial commercial space to accommodate your growing capacity needs.

This is why it is imperative for you, our potential customer to book in time today with our specialist mezzanine assessor, to discuss in detail your desired end use requirements, so our specialist assessor can provide you with the best solution to which mezzanine flooring systems best suits your needs ensuring you understand the significance of each aspect of choosing the best firm in the market place to carry out your mezzanine flooring project out endeavouring to ensure you, our potential customers requirements are fulfilled fully and your expectations are surpassed.

Book in time today to receive your free consultation with the best mezzanine assessor in the United Kingdom.

Mezzanine construction defined

Summary of the Mezzanine flooring systems we offer:

Our firm prides itself on the fact we continually endeavour to ensure all of our customers’ needs are met to such a high standard that they are left exceptionally satisfied when we complete their mezzanine projects. We have further have put together and maintained the best team of mezzanine professionals to carry out all of our mezzanine projects ensuring each mezzanine floor contractor and mezzanine floor builder part of our team of specialist professionals is fully trained and qualified in their specific areas of expertise, all managed and supervised by a specialist mezzanine project manager, who reports back all of the progress of our clients projects directly as much or as little as they deem necessary while ensuring each technician and engineer is completing their assigned tasks to the specific levels of quality we demands from each member of our team of specialist mezzanine professionals.

This is why our excellent quality of service remains unmatched in the mezzanine flooring system market place where we continually keep up to date on all the latest modern innovations within this specialist area ensuring we are the most efficient, competent, professional, precision based company to carry out the mezzanine projects to suit our customers’ requirements. We ensure we meet all of the governmental standards and building regulations required.
We actually offer mezzanine flooring systems for any environment possible, the above examples are included for informational purposes, feel free to ask for further information when you make contact with our team.

Our builders can construct mezzanine flooring systems for any kind of environment including the following but not limited to:

Warehouse mezzanine flooring systems: these are usually steel constructions intended to act as a platform for the processing, movement and distribution of goods around a warehouse environment, enabling the workers in that environment to ship and process goods with relative ease.

Retail mezzanine flooring systems: usually platforms intended for additional floor-space for retail activities, making the most use possible of the commercial retail space whether it is for product storage or product display. Even creating additional office space within the retail space if needed.

Office mezzanine flooring systems: are well sort after too, to increase the much needed additional floor space without incurring heavy relocation costs and maximizing the potential of the commercial office floor space enabling the office environment to be the most efficient and well put together in terms of staff productivity levels. Allowing commercial office customers to consider increasing their workforce without displacing the entire office to do so.

The different types of mezzanine flooring systems offered are entirely based on the necessary end use of the commercial space, this is why making use of your free consultation is essential in allowing you, our potential customer, to know which type of mezzanine flooring system best suits your specific requirements aluminium mezzanines, steel mezzanines or fibreglass mezzanines.

Book in time today with our specialist mezzanine assessor for your free consultation by the best firm in the marketplace throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.

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