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Industrial Construction Company – Industrial Builders – Free Quotation

As the United Kingdom’s number one Industrial Construction Company it is our responsibility to prove this statement to you, our valued potential customer, through the excellent level of service we offer all of our esteemed clients.

We pride ourselves on our customer orientated quality of service we always provide in all of our Industrial construction projects. We are further in such a strong position where we are able to boast that we have the best skilled trained and qualified workforce in our industrial builders.

Our Industrial builder team of professionals are the reason we are the best Industrial construction company in the market place today. We are the envy of all of the Industrial construction companies across the United Kingdom. We are constantly endeavouring to ensure we provide the same level of exceptional of service to all of our contracted clients ensuring all of our workforce report back to a fully trained highly skilled project manager. We recognised the need for a specialized project manager within our Industrial construction company to create that essential one point of contact for all of our customers as well as a supervisor to ensure all the workforce are directed to complete their assigned tasks as scheduled.

It’s this unique element which sets our company far above all of our competition as Industrial builders compared to all the other industrial construction companies within this area. Giving all of our customers that essential one point of contact throughout their industrial construction project.

What does Industrial construction mean?

Its firstly important to define this term so that you, our potential client knows if this is the service you require from our company.

Industrial construction companies are structured in such a way so as to enable their customers to construct, build, assemble their industrial projects ready for production. Our Industrial construction company allows for the following Industrial construction projects to be built ready for production: factories, power plants, energy plants, manufacturing buildings, warehouses and even food plants.

Our Industrial construction company offers the complete service in regards to building the external structure, to ensuring all the internal space is constructed to the specifications set by our client, as well as the necessary power supplies needed to ensure your production units are fully functionally. Where our industrial builders will install the necessary lighting, ventilation, water supply, electricity supplies, storage docks and security to ensure our customers Industrial construction is fully delivered to them with all the essential components for our customers to start production or manufacturing their goods.

Our Industrial construction companies’ ideology:

1. Have a specially trained and qualified project manager who oversees, manages and supervises all aspects of the Industrial project internally and externally and is that essential one point of contact to our valued clients. Our fully industrial trained project manager is completely equipped to manage all of our workforce and report back to our clients as often as they deem necessary.

2. We have ensured we head hunted the best industrial builders, electrical engineers, plumbing technicians and even construction professionals. Not forgetting joiners and flooring specialists. All of our personnel are fully trained and qualified to the highest level in terms of their within this area training. Therefore, making our team of professional’s skills and efficiency unmatched in the market place.

3. We offer the most efficient and customer orientated service in the whole of the United Kingdom, endeavouring to ensure all of our customers are extremely satisfied with our quality of service and our workmanship.

4. We offer all services in house from architects to all engineers and technicians, all fully trained and qualified in their specific areas of expertise. Making the quality of service we offer even more efficient.

Our Industrial builder service team of professionals is where our reputation has developed due to the high levels of quality service along with their attention to detail and efficiency making our team of professionals produce projects that are unmatched by all other industrial construction companies.

Contact us today to book in time with our specialist assessor who will provide you with a free consultation for your industrial construction project, offering the latest information in modern innovation to best suit your industrial projects requirements.

The process to contract the best company couldn’t be simpler from start to finish.

How our process works:

1. Book in a free consultation with our specialist assessor for a free quotation.

2. Our specialist assessor will come to meet you, our potential customer at the site of the industrial project to engage with you in a detailed discussion about your projects end use and specific requirements specifying whether your construction is for a factory, power plant, energy plant, manufacturing building, warehouse or even a food plant. Our assessor once they understand what you require can further help advise you on the best functional space solutions to your projects requirements, ensuring you, our potential customer makes the best use of all the space available to you.

3. Once our assessor has provided you with a detailed quotation including a realistic timescale for completion of this project and our quotation has been accepted then our team of Industrial builder professionals would start work on the site.

4. Team of industrial builder professionals will start on their specific assigned tasks all managed, supervised and overseen by our specially trained project manager.

In house Architect- will design the external outer shell of the project, using the most efficient building materials to cater for your specific end use. As well as design the specific blue prints for each section of the internal floor space designating the areas to accommodate the machinery needed for this project, as well as all communal and storage areas

Industrial building professionals – will start construction on the project to build the outer casing for the project and any internal spaces that are required.

Electrical contractors- will ensure all the necessary power supply has been connected and all power cables are installed. All wiring carried out by these engineers and all of the lighting requirements

Plumbing technicians – will ensure all the required water supply is connected and all set up ready for the sanitary use of the projects employees and technical water use necessary for the end use of the project. Installing all sanitary units where necessary.

Joiners – will put together any woodwork required internally in the site from cabinets, tables, doors and storage compartments, storage docks, shelves

Flooring specialists- will fit and install the necessary flooring to the project space as specified by you our esteemed customer.

Throughout this stage the project is managed by the designated project manager who supervises and oversees each stage in the process and reports directly back to you our valued client with all necessary updates on progress, giving you that essential one point of contact. This has been specially designed to ensure our customers have that vital peace of mind when they have contracted a project.

5. Project complete- site ready for all machinery to be assembled, ready for production to start.
The process is a relatively simple five step process that is started through a free consultation. So book in time today with our specialist assessor who will ensure you will get the best free quotation for your contracted project from the best Industrial building company available in the United Kingdom.

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