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Hotel Fit Outs, Hotel Fit Out Company

Hotel fit outs is our firm’s specialty, however it’s important to understand what we are offering in our complete hotel fit out service to our clients. With our firm having created a special department that caters specifically to our client’s hotel fit out requirements.

Ensuring our clients’ needs are given the complete focus endeavoring to provide a exceptional customer orientated service, which sets our firm apart from all of our competitors. This is why our company strategy was to ensure we created a completely separate department dedicated to our clients who require our special hotel fit out service. In doing so, our service targets each aspect of fitting out your hotel interior fully encompassing each aspect of your desired hotel fit out from advising on the desired theme of your hotel, to sourcing fixtures and fittings and providing unmatched fully trained and qualified electrical, plumbing, joiner, plasterers, painting and decorating professionals to carry out their assigned jobs.

Our hotel fit out service?

This is when our team of specialist professionals will take our customers, hotel building that would start off as an empty shell, with just the external building structure and walls in place and from there would develop the site to represent the vision of our valued client. From start to finished hotel ready for occupancy.

However, after our client has procured this empty shell, our hotel hit outs assessor would come to the site, once our potential client has filled out the relevant fields on our contact form, booking an appointment with our specialist assessor for a free consultation to assess the level of service our potential client requires.

Our assessor will have detailed discussions with our potential client in the consultation to understand the exact vision of our potential client, within the consultation our specialist assessor will also give suggestions as to how to best utilize the internal capacity of the hotel shell, advising if necessary where the best location for the key communal areas of our customer’s hotel are, also advising on the best types of finishes to create the type of hotel our clients envisioned. Fitting out the hotel interior has many different aspects to it. This is how our service works:

Stages involved:

1. Free Consultation – Our specialist assessor comes to inspect the hotel empty shell to understand our potential customers vision in terms of what standard of hotel our client has decided to contract us to fit out. Having a detailed discussion with our specialist assessor, outlining the exact theme of the hotel fit out we are to reproduce, from boutique style hotels to bed and breakfasts and even the grand five-star type hotels. Our assessor, will also advice on the best way to maximize the current internal space of each part of your hotel interior, ensuring you, our potential customer maximizes the potential of the interior of their hotel. Giving suggestions on the most cost effective approach, with finances being a hugely important factor when considering fitting out the interior of your hotel, along with the best way to create the right atmosphere to your hotel, suggesting also in depth discussions with our in house interior design professionals, who will provide an additional service to ensure, you our potential customer, have the best options available to you when deciding on the exact finish required to match the vision you have for your hotel. Also, providing you, our valued potential customer an estimate on the cost of fitting out your hotel interior along with the estimated timescales on completing your hotel ready for occupancy.

2. Optional – meet with our in house hotel Interior designer – Our in house hotel interior designer, fully trained in understand the essential aspects of creating the right theme in your hotel, whilst taking into account the all so important cost effectiveness of fitting out your hotel interior, using the right type of materials to portray the right image to attract, your desired client base. Understanding throughout, how important it is to keep within those tight budgets too. Our in house interior designer would also depending on your style of hotel, suggest themes to recreate the vision held by our customer, from glamorous, using rich colors and luxury fabrics to minimalist with more emphasis on classically elegance, using softer tones and fabrics to recreate a refined beautifully elegant hotel. Whilst, advising our potential customer on the best type of fixtures and fittings to suit your hotel interiors theme, furthermore even, sourcing the right types of furniture and flooring to suit your desired look for your hotel.

3. Book our services – After our assessor, who will then become your hotel fit outs project manager, has provided you with a complete breakdown on costs on fitting out your hotel with the exact level of service you require. Then your hotel project manager would report back to you, as often as you deem necessary for completing your hotel fit outs project.

4. Start work on your desired hotel fit out- With our trusted team of efficiently reliable professionals who pride themselves on producing an epically amazing hotel, our electricians all registered with the relevant organizations ensuring they are fully trained and qualified to carry out all the electrical work necessary for the fitting out of your hotels electrics. With all of our plumbers designated to the hotel project managers team of professionals, who are also all trained and qualified to carry out all of the relevant installations needed to make your hotel exactly how you our valued customer wants it to look. Then our fully qualified joiners who would provide excellent attention to detail when completing their assigned jobs and our professional plasters, painters and decorators, ensuring they reproduce the exact vision you our valued customer has commissioned. Our hotel project manager, giving as much feedback you require on the progress of the fitting out of your hotel interior. All the while keeping the assigned budget in check, endeavoring throughout to stick to the hotel fit outs budget you our client has set at the start of the hotel project.

5. Completion of hotel –Your hotel now ready for business. Ready for booking in your desired client base and customer occupancy.

Our services

The benefits of using our specialist team of professionals for developing your hotel is we offer the complete package in terms of service, from interior design to the flooring specialists, fully qualified and trained professional electricians, plumbers, joiners, plasterers, painters and decorators, with even fixture and fittings sourcing professionals, all managed by our hotel fit outs assessor who will then take over as your hotel project manager, making sure the fitting out of your hotel interior is carried out to the exact level you our valued potential customer as described in detail to our hotel assessor/project manager. It’s all of these factors combined that ensure our hotel fit outs service is the one stop shop for fitting out the interior of your hotel. Making our firm the only choice when deciding on fitting out the interior of your hotel.

This is why you should fill out our contact form today to ensure you book in time with our hotel fit outs assessor, who will come to your hotel to provide a free consultation furthermore, providing you our potential customer an estimate on fitting out the interior of your hotel to the level you have envisioned at the consultation, and after researching your specific requirements later providing you with a detailed breakdown on costs on your desired fitting out of the interior of your hotel.

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