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Looking for a company to fit out your gym?

Well look no further, we are the best gym fit outs company in the market. Simply because, we have understood the necessity of our client base and created a specially designated team of professionals to carry out our customer’s gym fit outs, recreating the exact vision described by our valued clients. Once we understood that our customers valued a dedicated service that is supervised and managed by a dedicated project manager, we as a firm decided to create a separate team who specialize specifically in gym fit outs.

In doing so we developed a specific gym fit out service to cater to our customers’ demands ensuring they receive the exact quality of service that our companies renowned reputation boasts of throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.

We furthermore, ensure we have employed fully qualified and trained professional specialists to carry out all the specific requirements necessary to carry out our clients desired gym fit out. Our specialist team of professionals endeavors to maintain an unmatched level of professionalism and efficiency making our firm the only real choice in fitting out the interior of your gym.

What is a gym fit out?

When the building of the gym space has been constructed in its entirety, however, leaving an empty shell, to be fitted out to the gym proprietors vision. This is where our team of experts would come in. However, firstly, book an appointment for a free consultation for our gym fit out service, you, our potential customer, needs to fill in the relevant contact details to book that crucial appointment with our gym fit outs specialist assessor.

Stages involved for the fitting out of your gym

1. Step 1 – Book appointment with specialist assessor – This is very simple to do, fill in the relevant information in our contact box to request an appointment with our specialist gym assessor who will provide a detailed free consultation on our potential client’s gym space.

2. Step 2 – Specialist gym fit outs assessor visits the proposed gym location Our specialist fitting out of gyms assessor ensures they completely understand the exact demands of our potential client, making sure they have in depth detailed discussions on every aspect of the fitting out of our prospective client’s gym. As our assessor is well experienced in the fitting out of gyms they would be able to advise our prospective clients on the best way to maximize the potential of all the internal gym space available to our prospective client. Offering the latest in modern gym innovations to ensure our clients gym is the best in the market place. This assessor would then be the project manager for the rest of our client’s gym project.

3. Step 3 – Optional Interior design consultation – We offer an informal meeting with our in house interior designer, who will assess your interior design requirements and provide some basic concepts to maximize the aesthetics of our prospective clients gym. The full in house interior design service, however, incorporates a much more detailed breakdown into the types of fixtures, fittings and furnishings that would best represent the theme of our client’s gym.

4. Step 4 – Optional sourcing consultant service – This is another additional optional service we offer all of our potential clients, where we have set up a sub team who source all the relevant fixtures, fittings and furnishings to ensure our clients gym is reproduced to their exact vision within the budgets they have set.

5. Step 5 – Detailed quotation on the gym project would be provided – our specialist assessor would ensure they would get the correct quotation together for the materials and labor to provide our specialist client inclusive of all the relevant additional optional services chosen. This quotation would include a detailed breakdown to ensure our clients would know exactly how their budget requirements had been met, offering this full transparency in our contractual obligations.

6. Step 6 – Our specialized team of professional fitting out of gyms personnel would carry out the gym fit outs as required according to the detailed instructions provided – We only employ fully trained and qualified professional technicians to carry out all of the necessary assigned tasks for the fitting out of all our gym projects.

Electrician – specially qualified lighting and wiring specialist- all of our electrical technicians have the relevant qualifications and training necessary to carry out all of the wiring and lighting needed in the gym

Plumbing – to plumb in all of the necessary sanitary units and the specialized showering areas fitted as decided by our customer, along with including all the relevant tiling that would be required

Joiner – catering for all the gyms wood work needs from door ways to lockers and counters ensuring it all was reproduced as indicated in the detailed description provided to our gym assessor.

Swimming pool, sauna, hydro pool specialist – tasked with installing all of the relevant swimming pool, hydro pool, saunas and relaxation pools in our client’s gym. Ensuring we recreate the right theme to the relaxation areas as specified by our client.

Plasterers – would produce the right type of wall textures are reproduced throughout the gym

Painters and decorators – ensuring they reproduce the correct colours to best emphasis the theme dictated by our prospective client.

Floor specialists- will fit the exact type of flooring necessary to make your gym meet its necessary requirements in both the changing rooms as well as the gym floor and the swimming pool and even the relaxation areas
Optional sourcing sub team – who will find the right fixtures, fittings and furniture to best fit out our prospective client’s gym.

7. Step 7 – Completion of gym fit out – within the budget set by our client and within the timescale mutually agreed upon.

Why choose our specialist service?

All of our highly trained staff are fully qualified professionals possess a very strong work ethic to ensure that they reproduce the exact vision detailed to them in the gym fit out vision described to the gym fit outs assessor in the consultation.

Our specialist assessor would then take on the role of the project manager after the client had decided to engage in contracting our services. This is an essential point in ensuring that our customers have a single point of contact to get in touch with in regards to feedback and updates on the progress of the fitting out of our client’s gym interior.

Our tailor made fitting out of gyms service has enabled our firm to concentrate man power into the relevant departments to maximize their efficiency and reliability in carry out the gym projects we are contracted to produce.
Our dedicated specialist fitting out of gym interiors service makes our firms team of specialist professionals stand out over and above all of our competitors. Simply because of their immense dedication to carrying out the service they have been commissioned to do within the budget set and within the time frames mutually agreed upon.

All that’s left to do now is fill in relevant contact fields to book in an appointment with our specialist assessor today for your free consultation and get that estimate that will ensure you will choose us as the best firm to carry out the fitting out of your gym.

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