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Catering for all commercial construction requirements is how we managed to attain the position of being the number one firm renowned for the commercial construction aspect of our commercial building company across the entire United Kingdom. Where we endeavour to ensure we surpass all other commercial building companies through the superior quality of customer orientated service we offer all of our customers.

We have been fortunate enough to have created a specific department within our organisation that solely deals with all of our commercial building construction customer requirements. Our commercial construction service varies to incorporate installing shopfitting to office interiors to office fit outs, office renovation, office refurbishment, retail interiors, retail fit outs, retail renovation, retail refurbishment we even ensure to refurbish hotels as well as cater for hotel fit outs and hotel renovations.

Basically our commercial building company endeavours to ensure we are the commercial builders for all commercial projects, whatever your commercial business space we are equipped to fit it out, refurbish it and even renovate it.

What is commercial building construction?

Commercial building construction is refurbishing renovating and fitting out and even building from new any commercially used premise that has a direct or indirect interaction with customers

Why our commercial building construction is different:

Why are we the best commercial building company in the market place today, why does our service stand out above all the other commercial building companies in the marketplace across the United Kingdom to date?

Here’s why we are the number 1 in commercial construction across the United Kingdom today:

1. We understand the commercial building construction market very well and as a result recognised the need for our commercial construction team of professionals to be headed by a specialist project manager who would liaise, manage and supervise all of our individual client’s commercial projects. It’s because of this specific business decision our company decided to ensure all of our commercial building construction projects clients would benefit from our very customer orientated approach to completing their projects. Our aim is to endeavour to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind throughout all of our projects, we do this through our specialist project manager who reports back directly to our clients with updates on progress, being that essential one point of contact throughout the entire commercial project.

2. Our team of commercial construction builders are fully trained and qualified to all the necessary governmental requirements ensuring that they provide the most professional efficient pristine levels of service to all commercial projects that are undertaken by our commercial building company.

3. We offer all the necessary services to a commercial construction build in house, all the necessary workforce for all of our commercial projects employs each task maker in house, therefore ensuring the levels of service offered by each of our fully trained and qualified highly skilled staff is monitored closely to ensure we maintain the essential standards that best represent our firm’s ethos. From our fully qualified architects to our optional interior designers, to our fully trained and qualified commercial builder and even our electrical engineers and plumbing technicians to name but a few. Allowing our firm to ensure we maintain the high levels of service offered by our firm to all of our clients

So book in time today for your free consultation with our specialist commercial project assessor to ensure you get that essential quotation that will ensure you employ the best firm in the United Kingdom’s market today to carry out your commercial build project.

The six step process just couldn’t be simpler in employing the best firm to carry out your commercial project:

1. Book in time with our specialist assessor for your free consultation to get that essential quotation and time scales for completion.

2. Specialist commercial project Assessor meets you, our potential client, at your commercial projects location to discuss in detail the level of service you require for the development of your commercial space. Understanding your exact vision, providing advice on how best to achieve your desired goals for the commercial space available, within the budgets available for this specific project. Further our specialist assessor, advising you on the optional services we offer to bring out the best in your commercial project, as in our in house fully trained interior designer as well as our qualified in house architect.

3. Once our specialist commercial project assessor has understood your exact requirements they will provide a detailed breakdown of costs in your free quotation with the timescales for completion.

4. Then you, our potential customer contracts the best of the commercial construction companies to carry out your commercial project

5. Our team of highly trained and fully qualified commercial construction builders will convene at the commercial construction site accompanied by the specially assigned commercial project manager and start work on their designated tasks:

Optional Architect meeting- who would draw up blue prints and plans, after an in-depth discussion about your desired vision for your commercial space internally and externally. Putting together the necessary job sheet of construction that would be required for your project.

Commercial builder – fully trained and qualified who would erect the necessary walls to ensure the space is fully optimized

Optional meeting with our in house interior designer- who will understand your exact vision for your commercial space and advise you on the latest themes and colourways to best accentuate the key features in your commercial space. Adding as much value to your commercial space as possible.

Electrical engineers- fully trained and qualified to the necessary governmental standards. These engineers would rewire, install and ensure all the necessary power supply is available and accessible in your commercial space, whilst installing all light fittings that are in keeping with your chosen theme.

Plumbing technicians – fully trained and qualified to meet all the necessary governmental requirements. These technicians assigned task is to ensure all the water supply is installed and fitted ready for habitability in the commercial space, further fitting and installing any sanitary units that are chosen by you, our client to fit with your chosen theme.

Joiner- would fit any cabinets, work surfaces, partitions or doors to the commercial space all directed by our project manager and or our in house interior designer.

Painters and decorators – all of which fully trained and qualified to meet governmental standards and would be guided by both the project manager and or the in house interior designer on the necessary colourways for the walls and the textures

Flooring specialists – instructed by the project manager and or the in house interior designer on the flooring you have decided upon

The above team of professionals would all be supervised and managed your specialist project manager who would report all updates directly to you

Optional furniture assembly service – This service is available once, if you require the chosen furniture for your commercial space needs assembling.

6. Commercial project completed to a level that exceeds your expectations
Yes the process is literally just that simple when it comes to choosing our firm to carry out any type of commercial project for you our potential customer.
So do not delay and book in time to get the process rolling with our specialist assessor, for your free consultation to get that competitive quotation.

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